Friday, July 16, 2010

The Beach

Okay well this isn't a recent layout that i just did this past few months,but it is recent as in I did it the last time I scrapped for me. Yes I know my photo skills are rough unless you have a bright monitor(which I do NOT). But it is one of my favorite layouts and a fun memory I have of going to Humarock for a family clambake every year. My kids have an awesome time and the cousins keep multiplying so there is always someone to play with. Of coarse there are the steamers, corn, lobster,and clams that the adults love. The weather has been fabulous for the past 4 years. We usually are the last ones to leave. This year we will be late because we are hosting a baseball tournament at out ball field for the weekend,which I don't mind because I am my son's number one FAN and team photographer.(I gave myself that title). So this is my layout of today. Enjoy. I will be scrapping tonight and on Sunday I have already made plans with with a scrapping buddy of mine.( who I haven't seen in ages (4 months or so)) So hopefully on Monday I will have a very recent layout. I am hoping to do some sports pages. Have a great night. One more thing if I have time I will actually cut and stitch on my comp for better photography. Enough rambling.

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